Friday, March 4, 2016

RIP 2002-2016

We haven't made any posts in a while because there hasn't been anything to post really. But we will leave you all with this one final entry:

RIP KILLGASM 2002-2016, this band is no more.

We have been inactive for several years now and realize there isn't much more we can do with this project, so we have decided close this chapter of our lives and end Killgasm.

Thanks to all who supported us for the past decade plus but it is time to move on now...

All of us will still be doing music though, so you can support our other projects. Our drummer and bassist are currently doing DEFECRATOR out here in California. And our guitarist, who lives in New York now, will continue doing his main project ROTTEN FUNERAL out there and will still collaborate with our drummer long distance as he writes new material for that band.

Expect some new music very soon from Defecrator and eventually from Rotten Funeral as well.

Thanks again for the continued support, good bye!